Hi, I am Anoop Kurup

a passionate growth advocate with a wealth of experience spanning 18+ years.

My career journey started as a researcher at GE. I worked on plastics, advance energy solutions, and on Intellectual Property Rights. My career has since evolved into running thriving ventures across Intellectual Property Rights, Web Design, Go-to-Market Consulting, Lead Generation, and Digital Marketing.

My journey has given me extensive insights into diverse industries and sectors, laying the foundation for my expertise in business growth.

I have collaborated with a diverse range of industries over the years including, Digital Marketing Agencies, Corporate Law firms, IPR Firms, Corporate Events, Recruitment Consultancy, Financial Consulting, branding agencies , and many more.

Get in touch, and let’s discuss growth opportunities for your agency.

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I am building

What to expect here?

Expect daily short blogs about the human aspects of running an agency/ startup business, new tech, and my experiments.

Workshops to grow your business and take back your time.

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