Win Linkedin with AI

Win Linkedin with AI

Elevate Your Presence on Linkedin
Enhance Your Profile,

Generate leads and opportunities
Forge Powerful Connections, and
Revolutionise Your Content Strategy with AI

Struggling to Stand Out on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a vast ocean of professionals, and standing out can be a challenge. You might have experienced difficulty in defining your target audience, crafting a compelling profile, or getting noticed by the right people.

You might be losing valuable connections or business due to a lacklustre presence or unoptimised content.

Join “Win LinkedIn with AI,” a specialised course designed exclusively to leverage the power of AI to unleash the power of Linkedin for you.

In this 3-hour long course, spread over 12 videos, you will learn how to leverage AI to enhance your LinkedIn presence and establish yourself as an industry expert.

Format: Pre-Recorded course. Self-Paced learning.

The course will help you

  • Create 100 posts
  • Create a strategy to get 3000 new followers
  • Identify 1000 potential leads

The list may look daunting, with AI, its a walk in the park.

During the workshop, we will lay the foundations and plan our approach to meet the goals.

Join us in the workshop, to learn the tricks of growing you personal brand on Linkedin on autopilot.

From the course participants

Testimonial from Anujj Mehta, Founder, HeyHomie
Testimonial from Soumith Chandra, Founder, d/dx Media
Testimonial from Arjun Bala, Managing Director, Metayage IP

Why “Win Linkedin with AI”

Turn your LinkedIn profile into a powerful tool for your business growth

Enhance Online Presence

Transform your LinkedIn profile into a dynamic and engaging online representation of your professional journey.

AI-Driven Strategy

Embrace the power of AI to identify and connect with your ideal audience, maximising the impact of your LinkedIn activities.

Expert Guidance

Learn at your own pace with Anoop, an expert at using Linkedin for business and personal branding.

Content Mastery

Learn how to create 6 months worth of compelling content using our proprietary framework and templates.

Profile Optimisation

Discover how to fine-tune your profile to increase visibility and attract the right connections and opportunities on LinkedIn.

Practical Insights

Learn practical, actionable strategies and tips that you can immediately apply to your LinkedIn profile and content strategy.

Get access to “Win Linkedin with AI”

Price: 1999/- Indian Rupees

Format: Pre-recorded course, self paced study

During the workshop you will

  1. Define Your Target Client with AI: Precisely identify your ideal audience using advanced AI tools.
  2. Craft a Compelling LinkedIn Profile with AI: From a captivating heading to an engaging about section, and a well-curated featured area – create each element with AI.
  3. Optimise Your Profile for Visibility with AI: Tweak your profile to increase your chances of being discovered by the right people on LinkedIn.
  4. Create Content Strategy with AI: Utilise our proprietary framework and templates to develop a robust content strategy.
  5. Generate 100 Days of Content with AI: Walk away with a vault of content ideas to keep your LinkedIn presence vibrant and engaging for six whole months.
  6. Get an overview to LinkedIn Automation: Get acquainted with the tools that can streamline your LinkedIn activities, saving time while maximising impact.

And more…

After the workshop, you get

  • Access to recording of the session
  • A process to find your target leads
  • Step-by-step method to optimise your content
  • Templates to plan your content
  • AI prompts to help with everything
  • Six months of access to peer learning group (subscription required)

…and much more.

Join this transformative workshop and start your journey to LinkedIn success with AI!

Meet Your Instructor

Anoop Kurup

Anoop Kurup With 18 years of professional experience and 7 years at the helm of a successful LinkedIn marketing and lead generation agency, Anoop brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. Benefit from his expertise to revolutionise your LinkedIn strategy.

Get access to “Win Linkedin with AI”

Price: 1999/- Indian Rupees

Format: Pre-recorded course, self paced study