Workshops to improve your business

All workshops are live, with emphasis on practise, and application.

Featured Workshops and Memberships

These professional workshops cater to small business founder, Startup founder, and Agency business founder.

Getting Started with Linkedin and AI

A 3 hour practical workshop to learn the nuances of becoming known as an expert on Linkedin and optimise your profile.

Win Linkedin with AI

A hands-on practical workshop to create your personal brand on Linkedin. Win Linkedin content game with AI, investing 15-mins per day.

Content Factory Creators

Coming soon.

Learn, practise, implement.

All the workshops are a mix or theory, hands-on practice, and real life implementation to get business results.


  • Latest tools and techniques.
  • Do in the workshop.
  • Implement learnings over a 6 month period, with guidance.


  • Practise with a group of peers.
  • Clarify doubts, and perfect your techniques.
  • Get exclusive access to new templates and tricks.


  • Goal oriented implementation to improve your business.
  • Six months of guidance and feedback.
  • Support from your group to improve your processes.

Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.

Brian Tracy

Author of Business Success and Self Development Books

How does this work?

1. Attend Workshop

Register and attend a workshop of your choice.

2. Create Systems

Start by creating your systems as learnt in the workshops.

3. Set Business Goals

Setup a business goal that you want to achieve, based on the workshop.

4. Work Group

Subscribe to work group to get guidance, support, and execute your plan.

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